Cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is often one of the first features people notice about you and can say a lot about your self-confidence and personality. A bright new smile can make an extraordinary difference to the way you look and feel

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth or smile, come in to One Stop Dental Care and speak with one of our professionals who can review and assess your teeth and discuss the best treatment plan options


One of the ways to replace missing teeth is to construct a denture. A Denture consist of a plate or metal frame-work that carry one or more missing teeth. It can be made ready in short turnaround time (immediate denture) to replace hopeless front teeth that needed to be extracted, whilst waiting for a more permanent fixed treatment option such as a dental implant or bridge.

Wisdom Teeth

Our third molars generally called “Wisdom Teeth” develops later than other teeth, can often erupt or become visible from the ages of 17-25 (but sometimes later). For some of us, Wisdom Teeth fit well into the jawbone and have no problems; however for the large majority of people, we have complications.

Root Canal therapy

At ONE STOP DENTAL CARE we believe that “nothing is better than your own natural teeth”. Therefore our treatment always endeavours to save the tooth if all-possible. When your tooth is infected and in great pain, in the past you may have thought most likely that you would lose that tooth. At ONE STOP DENTAL CARE with a procedure known as Root Canal Treatment (RCT) our team will be able to save the tooth.

Gum Treatment

Gum disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. The key is early treatment and intervention. With early treatment, gum disease can be stabilized and prevented from progressing to severe bone lost thus tooth loss.

Dental implant

There is no tooth replacement option that will give a more reliable and longer lasting result.

A dental implant is an artificially made tooth root that is surgically anchored directly into your jawbone in the space vacated by the missing tooth. Eventually the implant will fuse with your natural bone and become the foundation for tooth replacement.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile is when there is a disproportionate amount of gum tissue showing compared with actual tooth structure when a patient smiles. A smile is generally perceived as “gummy” when 4mm of gum tissue shows whilst a person is fully smiling.

If your smile looks gummy to you, it is important to visiting ONE STOP DENTAL CARE for a consultation with our dental team to determine what the cause is. Our dental team will recommend and provide appropriate and personalised treatment procedures for you.


What a difference straight teeth can make for your self-image and confidence! Orthodontic treatment is the original treatment option for a smile makeover and you will be pleased to know it is never too late to take advantage of this treatment.

Tooth whitening

Dark and discoloured teeth can be improved by in office tooth whitening. The process helps to remove stain and discolouration. Tooth Whitening can be used to simply brighten your smile, or before the big occasions (Wedding, formals) or pre-treatment before the construction of the porcelain veneer.