Wisdom Teeth

Our third molars generally called “Wisdom Teeth” develops later than other teeth, can often erupt or become visible from the ages of 17-25 (but sometimes later). For some of us, Wisdom Teeth fit well into the jawbone and have no problems; however for the large majority of people, we have complications.

Common problems wisdom teeth cause?

  • Shifting other teeth – not enough room in our jaw to accommodate all of our teeth leading to crowding and impacted teeth
  • Pericoronitis – infection of the gum surrounding the partially erupted Wisdom Teeth
  • Damaging to adjacent teeth – An impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage to adjacent molar by pushing against it
  • Difficulty in cleaning – This can lead to decay of the Wisdom Tooth and adjacent teeth

Whether it is aimed at preventing further complications or alleviating pain, the extraction of a wisdom tooth can be a very effective procedure.

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